As a stay at home mom, I find thrifty one of the most important things to be! Hopefully through my posts and tutorials, you will be able to craft some heart-felt gifts that your wallet WON'T feel!

You will notice that many of my projects are related to paper's my most favorite thing to do. I also enjoy some simple sewing from time to time and I enjoy "food crafting" as well...mostly cakes. Then there will be the occasional kiddie craft because we do those from time to time as well.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

And the winner is......

I just wanted to say thanks to the participants who stopped by my blog and helped to make the Blog Hop a success! Thanks so much for participating and raising money for the cure of diabetes. I still pray that there will one day be a cure.
So....on to the "winner". We're all winners in this particular race, but when I chose a random name out of a hat for the three participants for my challenge, the name selected was...................................Delia Vieira-Cruz!!! I will post her project first followed by the projects of the other two participants. Again, thanks to all of you for visiting and/or participating, though. It really does make a difference!!

My next participant chose to do a Spring layout. Thank you, Natalie Methner!!And last, but never least, another thanks goes out to Pam Larmore for her Spring card!!Once again, thanks to all of the participants and visitors!! Delia, I have your information and will get your prize out as soon as some of our BRAND NEW SNOW melts off and we can safely get out of the house! LOL

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  1. Thanks so much for the prize and thanks so much for hosting such a worthwhile cause!! No rush and be safe, I know you guys are use to snow.
    Hugs Delia